Training Courses for Activity Coordinators & Health Care Assistants:


Exercise Instructor & Manual Handling courses.

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When: 10th April 2019. Where: Fit For Life Clinic Sandyford, Dublin. This fitness training course was developed for Activity Co-Ordinators, Healthcare Assistants or Ho...
Sandyford 1-day Strength: Non-therapists
8 hr
This training is suitable for healthcare professionals, and carers who work in the home and community who have not undergone training previously. Course Outline: • Cours...
Sandyford People Manual Handling: 1-day
7 hr
This course is ideal for those who have previously undergone a full day of manual handling training. There is more time to dedicate to practical applications in your work...
Sandyford Refresher People MH 1/2 day
4 hr

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