Sandyford Clinic & Training Centre


At our Fit For Life Clinic you can be assured that you will receive the most appropriate and suitable treatment and therapy for your situation. Our multi-disciplinary approach allows our therapists to provide a range of treatment techniques and programmes, depending on the nature of your problem.
We’re different because we spend more time with our clients and we specialise in the older adult population. More face to face time with you means that you receive a more comprehensive and effective treatment and gives us the time to explain and devise home care exercises or lifestyle changes that are achievable and specific to you.

Full range of therapies

  • Physiotherapy

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Physical Therapy  

  • Athletic Rehabilitation Therapy  

  • Group Exercise Classes - Stand Strong Falls Prevention

  • Alzheimer’s and Related Dementia – Group and Individual Exercise Therapy

  • Postural Stability and Falls Prevention

  • Manual Lymph Drainage

  • Massage Therapy

Falls Risk Assessments

This is a highly specialised service carried out by our most experienced therapists for individuals who have had previous falls or are at a high risk of recurrent falls or are concerned about themselves or a loved one falling in the community.

A comprehensive multidisciplinary falls risk assessments combining multi-functional assessments and psychological risk factors (Fear of Falling) are carried out. In addition an analysis of any previous falls or near misses is carried out with a review of your current health and your ability to carry out activities of daily living.

Outline: You will complete a battery of tests to identify functional and psychological risk factors. A screening of current medical status and medications will also be carried out along with an overview of your current living environment. On completion of this assessment a report will be provided outlining actions to reduce the risk of falls.

Duration: 1.5 to 2 hrs


  • A comprehensive assessment and plan of action provided from an experienced therapist designed to reduce your risk

  • Access to a support structure that specialises in this area 

Stand Strong Falls Prevention Fitness Classes

Stand strong classes are fun and enjoyable but importantly are challenging and adaptable to each and every individual regardless of their level of health and fitness.

Due to the vast experience that we have built up over the years our highly trained team can accommodate all levels into a group scenario safely and seamlessly.

In our ‘Stand Strong’ classes we have combined a number of different physical activities including Tai Chi to improve balance, strength, posture and flexibility which are essential components in keeping fit and healthy. Our classes have to be enjoyable but with this we also ensure that you are gaining real benefit from attending by building your health and fitness and reducing the chances of injury through specific falls prevention training.

In addition to the classes we offer individual assessments at the start of each twelve week block to ascertain where you need to improve to ensure that you are reducing your risk of falling. You are assessed before each block and given an individual home based exercise programme and then assessed again at the end of the block.

By attending our classes and carrying out daily physical activities that we prescribe for you, we can help you to build up your reserves to allow you to do the things that you really want to do!

Our team are also more than happy to answer any of your questions on a one to one basis or refer you to another member of our healthcare team. 

Why bother with more Physical Activity?

Never before has the scientific evidence been as conclusive in relation to the positive benefits of physical activity for almost anybody, at any age or physical fitness. The message is that you will benefit from starting some sort of activity but that you must start it as soon as possible and that once you start you have to keep doing it.

Recent research also indicates that increasing your physical activity as an older adult allows you to build up a fitness ‘reserve’. By building up this ‘reserve’ you can start to aspire to do the fun activities that you really want to do rather than being exhausted by day to day tasks.

In addition to the physical fitness reserve, research also now indicates that there are definite benefits to maintaining our mental health especially if carried out in a social environment.


Sandyford Training Centre

At our training centre we deliver extensive training in areas such as people manual handling for carers and healthcare professionals, with specialised courses directly related to older adults for certified therapists such as Chartered Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists.


Manual Handling Training

  • People Manual Handling

  • Non People Manual Handling

  • Manual Handling Refresher


Advanced People Manual Handling Workshops

  • Hoist & People Handling

  • Bed Repositioning

  • Chair Repositioning

  • Complex Manual Handling Risk Assessment


Falls Prevention Workshops

  • Falls Prevention - Comprehensive Best Practice Guidelines

  • Common Risk Factors & Risk of falls

  • Falls Policy and System Management


Specialised Training

  • Seating & Positioning

  • Pressure Care & Cushions

  • Transfers and Mobilising – Long Term Care

  • Transfers and Mobilising – Community

  • Transfers and Mobility - Alzheimer’s and Related Dementia

  • Stroke Positioning & Handling

  • Restraints

  • Mobilisation and transfers programmes – ‘Walk and Talk’

  • Passive range of motion for more dependent patients


Fit For Life Exercise Therapy Training

  • Exercise Therapy for Older Adults – Level 1

  • Exercise Therapy for Older Adults – Level 2

  • Exercise Therapy for Alzheimer’s and related Dementia

  • Home Exercise Programme delivery


We accommodate a maximum of 15 in our workshops with lower numbers for more specialised training courses. Our location allows for free parking and easy access from the M50.

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