Group Physical Activity

Stand Strong 

Fit For Life have been delivering our researched based 'Stand Strong' group physical activity classes since 2001. Group exercise has been researched and is highly recommended as an ideal form of physical activity, especially for the older adult. Fit For Life’s knowledge has led to the development of a successful exercise intervention for older adults. We know how to deliver fun, safe and effective group exercise classes for older adults and these should consist of strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular components. 


We are passionate about our role in providing exercise to the older adult. Following our National Frameworks vision, ‘where everyone can enjoy physical and mental health and wellbeing to their full potential’, we are part of making Ireland a good country to live in and age in.  


The benefits of physical activity include staying independent for as long as possible. We all know the importance of independence and we work with people as this becomes more challenging. We ensure that individuals achieve their own potential, providing support with personal goals and best practice interventions to gain these goals.





A Fit For Life 'Stand Strong' Class will be:

  • Researched, designed and developed from our experience of working with older Irish adults

  • Progressive, ensuring that participants will benefit continuously

  • Individual assessments are made prior, during and post to measure progress

  • Able to cater for specific populations and pathologies but also for participants of different levels of ability

  • We ensure sessions are fun, social and easily tailored to all needs

  • Can only be delivered by a member of the FFL team or by a certified Fit For Life trainer

Types of Fit For Life Stand Strong Classes
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Please contact us on (01) 213 7915 to find out more about Fit For Life group programmes! 

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