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A Fit For Life therapist is a member of the multidisciplinary team that has reached Fit For Life accredited therapist status and has met the exacting standards set by Fit For Life. They will have successfully completed all Fit For Life specialized training courses in areas including: age related physiotherapy, occupational therapy, physical & rehabilitation therapy, exercise therapy for older adults, falls prevention and advanced people manual handling. All our therapist are full practicing members of their respective Irish healthcare associations.

Fit For Life provide a multidisciplinary service at our Sandyford Village Clinic, and we provide home visits and assessments. We provide individual physiotherapy, occupational therapy and exercise therapy appointments onsite and individually to you in your home. We also run varied group exercise sessions for Older Adults, focusing on improving your endurance, strength and balance in a fun group environment. We can work together to tailor our service to best suit your specific needs. Why not call Mark on 01-2137915 or email to chat through our services options!

Group Exercise Classes for Older Adults


Fit For Life have been delivering researched based group exercise therapy since 2001. Group exercise has been extensively researched and is highly recommended as an ideal form of physical activity, especially for the older adult. Fit For Life’s experience and expertise has led to the development of successful exercise intervention for older adults at all levels of physical ability. We deliver progressive, innovative and fun group exercise classes for older adults ensuring that benefits are gained by all who participate in our programmes.

The benefits of physical activity include staying independent if possible. We all know the importance of independence and we work with people as this becomes more challenging. We ensure that individuals achieve their own potential, providing support with personal goals and best practice interventions to achieve these goals.

A Fit For Life group exercise class will be:

  • Researched, designed and developed from years of experience and expertise

  • Measured – individual assessments are made prior, during and post 12 weeks block classes to measure progress

  • Able to cater for specific populations and medical conditions and for participants of different levels of ability or fitness

  • Fun, social, innovative and easily tailored to all participants

  • Delivered by a certified Fit For Life trainer

Why not contact us on 01-2137915 to find out when our next block of Group Exercise Sessions are starting in Sandyford!

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