Physical Activity Programme Home Visit

Fit For Life provide exercise and rehabilitation therapists for those individuals who have been prescribed a home exercise programme though need or want assistance in order to carry it out correctly. Our therapists are also available to come and assess your current ability in carrying out activities of daily living and design and instruct you on the most effective way to increase your physical activity levels.


What Happens in ‘Move & Maintain’ Home Visit?

  • Day & Time will be confirmed

  • Therapist will arrive at your home and set up your home to carry out specific assessments

  • We will then get you to complete a specific screening tool that identifies any areas that you may be more susceptible to injury or fall.

Areas that will be assessed will include:

  • Your strength – legs & arms

  • The flexibility in your muscles and joints

  • Your balance - while still and moving and turning

  • Your physical fitness (e.g. how far you can walk in a set time)

  • After we have completed your assessments our team will provide a comprehensive report and an initial 12-week home exercise programme specifically designed for you!

  • You will receive continuous support throughout this period including reassessments at weeks 4, 8 and 12 to measure your progress and ensure that you are getting the most out of the service.

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To find out more or to book a Physical Activity Programme home visit,

please phone 01-2137915 or email