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Online Training Courses

Remote Interactive E-learning & Online Courses!

Fit For Life deliver evidence-based training courses to promote best practice techniques and maximum independence for the Older Adults we work with. We run our innovative training courses remotely online and face-to-face at your Nursing Home or Care Centre and at our centre in Sandyford Village.

Our evidence-based Exercise Instructor for the Older Adult courses have been developed through our years of experience to enable attendees to upskill to deliver fun and effective group exercise classes to the Older Adults they work with. And, our Falls Prevention Course provides a very comprehensive understanding of falls risk factors, interventions and prevention for all the team. Whether you are a practicing Therapist, Nurse, Activities Coordinator or Health Care Assistant, we have a course tailored to you! Please see below for course content and information on upcoming courses or click here to book your course place now!


Online Exercise Instructor for the Older Adult Course!


We have brought our highly regarded innovative Exercise Instructor Courses online this past year and have had great feedback from participants! We updated the evidence-based course content and are excited to enable you to complete our course from your workplace or home! The course consists of a mixture of live interactive online sessions and self-directed online modules. See below for a sneak peek of one of the online modules!

How does it work?
The innovative new courses are a mixture of interactive e-learning modules and live zoom group sessions. We send the participant an email with their login information. On the course day, they login to zoom for the live and interactive practical sessions. And when prompted, they login to the interactive e-learning platform - so they click on and work through engaging images and content at their own pace online. We then come back together for further live interactive practical zoom sessions. 

Participants will require a laptop or tablet (not a phone) and a good, stable internet connection to complete our courses. They will also need a quiet place to work from for the duration of the course, which can be from work or home!

Feedback from remote online course participants:

'This course is brilliant, very useful for all activity coordinators or healthcare professionals about how important exercise is for residents and how to engage them in fun exercises’.

'The course is practical and thorough yet communicated in such a way that simplifies the objectives of each exercise. I would highly recommend this course to other health care workers'.

'I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I also prefer zoom as you do not have to travel out of your comfort zone. I feel very confident that what I have learned today is transferable and I am confident to use it in my day to day work'.

'Found the course very good – informative, easy to navigate from Zoom to e-learning and relaxed environment for everyone. Would highly recommend to others to complete'.

'Tricia was very clear with her instructions and built up my confidence to try teaching a class'.

Completing the course has given me the tools I need to confidently put together exercise sessions which are appropriate to the needs of the residents in our care'.

The course was delivered in such a way that it gave me a greater understanding of the specific requirements our residents have. From utilisiing the skills, I learned I can expand on the variety of exercise options to the residents'.

To book a place on an upcoming course please click here or phone 01-2137915 or email info@fitforlife.ie!


Online Falls Prevention Course

We deliver our Falls Prevention training courses for your team remotely and online and face-to-face in your nursing home or care centre.

Falls Prevention - Best Practice Guidelines Workshop


Over the years in Fit For Life we have found that all the members of a nursing home team are an equally vital cog in ensuring that residents live in a happy and safe environment. This is even more evident when it comes to the area of falls and falls prevention as often it is the healthcare assistants and non-clinical staff that can be the ones to highlight the fact that a resident or an area in your home is not safe.

The comprehensive best practice guidelines workshops are designed for clinical and non-clinical team members. Your Falls Prevention and Management Policy would be referenced, along with any in-house interventions, to ensure each team member knows their role. In the workshop all staff would get training in the prevalence of falls in long term care, and what the main risks of falls are with the older adult. We have found that with real experience, the attendees gain so much more from the workshop. We have equipment that attendees use and working with peers, they go about set tasks and then discuss their experiences in the group to help everyone take away valuable learning points. Every team member is given training in their role as defined in your Falls Prevention Policy.

In this training we aim to get the attendees discussing common risk factors they are currently working with in their day to day role and what strategies they are using. We run through common scenarios where falls can occur and suggest best practice actions to help shape future falls prevention planning.



  • To know the common risk factors that increase risk of falls    

  • To apply best practice interventions

  • Understand the prevalence of falls in long term care

  • Identify that every members of your team have a role in Falls Prevention

  • Practical element to illustrate the age associated risks



  • Increase safety awareness in home to reduce number of falls

  • Increased awareness of all of your team of common risk factors

  • All members of your team have the confidence and knowledge base to be an active participant in your Falls prevention system

Falls Policy & System Management Workshop


This workshop covers your own working Falls Prevention Policy and with our up to date knowledge on falls prevention in long term care, we work together to review, make recommendations and develop a bespoke falls system for you and your team. What is key is that your team know their role in falls prevention. Fit For Life have lots of experience in supporting teams and we have been fortunate to gain experience in leading research areas.

The type of screening tool you use is the starting point to risk assessment. We know that multifactorial risk assessment is fundamental to a successful Falls Prevention Policy. The research available now provides us with lots of best practice interventions to Falls Prevention programming. The information collected post fall is vital to help you identify a cause or risk (modifiable or not) of event. What we want to do is help you to see if your existing system need to be updated, keeping you up to date with what the research is showing us is best practice.

The final stage of an effective Falls Prevention System is correct analysis of the data and the allocation and implementation of appropriate action goals for the appropriate members of your team. This stage is best carried out in MDT meetings and it is imperative that goals are set to achieve the most effective and realistic Falls Prevention System possible.



  • Examine your Falls Policy to assess its scope, purpose and content.

  • Review current screening methods and application of best practice evidence

  • Review current reporting systems (database), auditing and staff knowledge systems.

  • Analyse each fall and set appropriate actions.

  • Allocate these actions to the appropriate team member, with a realistic timeframe for completion.


Duration: 8 hours, or 2 x 4hours, Certified 8 CPD points

Venue: The workshop can be completed in-house with current team members.



  • Increased safety awareness in home to reduce number of falls.

  • Improved reporting of falls and falls risk factors.

  • Improved referral of residents for falls prevention interventions.

  • Clarity for your team about their exact roles and responsibilities in your Falls prevention system.

  • In-depth know-how: Fit For Life have been working alongside nurses and care assistants in residential care settings for over 14 years. We understand the challenges they face on a daily basis which allows us to focus on the issues that are most important to them

Common Falls Risk Factors


This workshop involves your team experiencing some of the main risks that present with age. We look at single indicated risks specific to older adults. The practical element is hugely valuable in helping your team to understand the challenges the older population face. Knowing the association between poor vision, foot pain, reduced stability and increased risk of falls, is a part of your Falls Prevention Policy. Giving your team support in knowledge will help with their overall growth as a valued team member.

We have found that with real experience, the attendees gain so much more from the workshop. We have equipment that attendees use, and working with peers, they go about set tasks and then discuss their experiences in the group, to help everyone to take away valuable learning points. They relate the symptoms to real residents they are caring for and gain a greater knowledge on how that person finds tasks.



  • Identify the common risk factors associated with falls

  • Understand the symptoms associated with these risks

  • Apply learning to practice with working with older adults and falls prevention


Duration: 3 hours, Certified 3 CPD points

Venue: The workshop can be completed in-house with current team members.



  • Increase safety awareness in home to reduce number of falls.

  • Support team to increase their knowledge of common risk factors.

  • Early identification of risk assessment needs due to staff awareness.

  • Greater awareness of interventions in place for residents needs

To book a place on an upcoming course please click here or phone 01-2137915 or email info@fitforlife.ie!

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