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Fit For Life Exercise Newsletter!

This week we are looking at #hip exercises that may be suitable for most Older Adults.

If hip stiffness is the main complaint, then focus on range of motion exercises. It can help to do these in the morning prior to dressing and morning care.

If hip muscle weakness is the main complaint, you can focus more on strengthening exercises. We have included exercises that should suit the functional ability of most older adults. Complete in sitting, standing or in bed as appropriate.

Be cautious regarding the volume of exercises. For example, if a person does lots of strength training in the a.m., they may be quite fatigued in the p.m. which may affect their sit to stand or walking ability.

Remember that range of motion type exercises can be done on most days, 1-2 sets of 5-10 reps would be great. For strength exercises try 1-2 sets 8-10 reps, 3 times per week on alternate days. Complete the exercises in a slow and controlled manner and work within your maximum painfree range of motion only!

Caution and clearance from the physiotherapist may be required if the participant has had a recent hip injury or surgery. For example, a person who has had a hip replacement will have specific rehabilitation exercises to do and specific movements/exercises that would be contra-indicated for them. If in doubt, confirm with your local therapist!

Click here to download the home exercise program:

Fit For Life Exercise Newsletter 12
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Patricia O'Donnell GSR CAT BSc MSc

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