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Fit For Life Exercise Newsletter!

This week we are looking at exercises that an #Older Adult can do in their bed!

Week 10 exercise program

There are many reasons that an Older Person may be spending more time in their bed or room including due to their medical conditions, recuperation, social distancing, fatigue and/or preference! Here are some exercises that may be suitable for them to do in bed. These exercises may also be a good way to get moving if they report morning ‘stiffness’ prior to morning care/dressing. These exercises can be done most days, though if the person is very deconditioned start with 3 times per week on alternate days.

Their ability to complete the exercises will really depend on the person’s functional ability and medical status. For example, some of these exercises may not be safe for someone who has just had surgery or an injury e.g. spine fracture. If in doubt of the safeness or suitability, get in touch with us or check with your onsite physio!

You can download the home exercise program here:

Fit For Life Exercise newsletter 10
Download PDF • 235KB

Patricia O'Donnell GSR CAT BSc MSc

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