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Home/facility Audit - Manual Handling Practices

We have found that the best review happens when we spend time on site asking staff how they manage tasks, do they know their responsibilities and do they use the correct controls to carry out manual handling tasks safely. We ensure that everyone knows that the most important result is a safe practice of manual handling tasks, avoiding injury.



  • To observe the clinical team completing manual handling tasks during morning care, dayroom activities and dining room manual handling tasks.

  • For your non-clinical team (kitchen, laundry, housekeeping, maintenance and admin) we observe work areas, review systems and look at existing policies.

Duration: This will vary depending on the pre-agreed scope, size of home, number of staff etc. It will range from a half to full day.


  • We provide a detailed report on our observations

  • We provide personalised recommendations on systems, training and related equipment needs

  • We source best prices on recommended equipment


Nursing Home Environmental Assessment

Our OT department has been working with purpose built homes and building adaptation projects, to help in creating the best working environment. This has involved Fit For Life visiting sites, reviewing room design for fittings and furniture and equipment requirements.



  • Seating review, including product ordering and pricing

  • Bedroom layout and design

  • Bathroom fittings and design

  • Dayroom layout and chair specifications

  • Dining room layout and furniture specifications

  • Additional equipment that allow staff to assist residents to lead independent lives when possible

Duration: Determined by size of site


  • Ensure that buildings will be in line with best practice regulations

  • Reduce the risk of falling from environmental factors

  • Efficient use of the building to promote independence for your residents

  • Reduce the rate of staff injury due to correct ergonomics in place for healthcare and non healthcare staff

  • Safeguarding against any additional refit costs due to incorrectly placed furniture and fittings


Falls Policy Audit

This involves a review of your current Falls Prevention policy, with the Director of Nursing and/or CNM. We review your falls report to establish if any necessary information is missing. During this process we make recommendations and the decisions made are implemented into an updated policy.

This report is then followed up in your post fall protocol, so that team members’ roles are detailed within the policy. Recommendations on new screening methods, reporting systems and policy details are provided in a report.


Outline: It involves a meeting to go through your policy focusing on its contents covering the following:

  • Purpose

  • Definitions

  • Responsibilities

  • Assessment protocol

  • Falls protocol

  • Action plan protocol

Duration: 3 hours


  • Revision of best practice Falls Prevention and Management

  • Improved knowledge on Falls Screening and Risk assessment in long term care

  • Policy review and recommendations


Falls Database Design and Implementation

One of the most important roles in Falls Prevention is the good collection of raw data. The data from your falls report is crucial to helping you to self-evaluate the common causes of falls in your environment. For some people it will mean keeping a Falls Diary to help provide information to your medical support team. For clinical staff, it will mean a more comprehensive form (standard) that must be completed when a fall occurs. We can help you to design a database that collects the information off your report and enables you to audit and create visual graphs to illustrate the prevalence of falls periodically.

Outline: We come to visit you and review your current falls report database and auditing system. A bespoke database is designed and a member of your team is trained in using the system.

Duration: 3 hours


  • A computer system designed to assist you in assessing your common cause of falls

  • Review of current best practice data collection

  • Education to support your team

  • System to manage falls data and action plans


Falls Database Design and Implementation

If you find it hard to create monthly reports on falls data, we can create monthly reports from your falls database for you. We create them online and send a detailed report back to you, with the selected variables in an easy to follow graph layout. This system quickly highlights variables such as the most common time of day when falls occur, or the most common location where falls occur. We will create whatever variable you wish to illustrate, and this is then used to educate your team in your monthly meetings.


Outline: We take away the task of falls report production to give you more time to apply action plans and manage monthly meetings. Reviewing your action plans is key to a successful Falls Prevention System. You need to know whether actions were completed on time, achieved and if they were effective. Your monthly reports will give you information to discuss at your multidisciplinary (MDT) meetings.

Duration: Monthly reports sent to you using the falls data that is provided.


  • Provided with reports ready to review at monthly meetings

  • Visual graphs to help educate the team on common risk factors

  • Empower the team to understand their role in Falls Prevention

  • Action plan reviews to help measure success of interventions prescribed

  • Individual Falls Risk Assessment


Individual Falls Risk Assessments

We support clients, nurses, home carers and families with assessments to help identify risk factors that increase a person’s risk of falls. Our therapists organise an appointment which involves a comprehensive review of the client, including a falls history, physical functional ability, medications and possible psychological risk factors (Fear of Falling).

With knowledge that falls are one of the leading causes of injury to an older adult and subsequent reduced quality of life, we aim to provide best practice interventions to reduce the risk of falls.

Post assessment an accurate, informative and educational handover to allied healthcare professionals and carers is essential to maximise the effectiveness of the action plans indicated.


Outline: This assessment can take up to 2 hours. The individual determines the length of time required to carry out a comprehensive, multifactorial assessment.

Duration: Starts at 1 hour and max 3 hours.


  • Multifactorial assessment following best practice guidelines (NICE)

  • Comprehensive report and handover compiled outlining appropriate interventions and actions plans identified

  • Specific falls prevention education given to staff/carer

  • Maximising the likelihood of a reduction in falls


Complete Facility/Home Falls Assessments and Action Plan Implementation

Fit For Life have carried out numerous successful projects aimed at dramatically reducing falls in long term care facilities and Nursing Homes and implementing a system that ensures falls are kept to an absolute minimum. In one 12 week intervention study, we instigated a 64% reduction in falls.

Using this experience we have developed an effective and cost efficient model to ensure that once we start the intervention there are immediate and long lasting results.

This service involves our team of experts coming and assessing your population. Each person receives an action plan, with team members allocated specific responsibilities. We recommend 12 week intervention periods to carry out an audit to measure how successful the Falls Prevention plan was.

Outline: We carry out falls risk assessments on the preselected individuals. A report is produced and an outline of the main actions and person responsible is delivered. This is integrated into your monthly meetings to keep accurate information on completed targets.

Duration: The assessment period depends on the numbers. On average 2 hours per person.


  • A comprehensive multifactorial assessment and intervention plan

  • Informed team on current profile of assessment population

  • Tools to self audit on completion of applied actions and effectiveness of interventions in falls prevention

Complex People Manual Handling Assessments

Our senior patient handling experts provide support for complex people manual handling cases. They have expertise in bariatric profiles in particular for bed handling and repositioning. There is a larger number of complex handling cases being observed by our experts in relation to bariatric and dementia care.
Outline: One of our senior experts comes and assesses the complex task you have referred.

Duration: Approx. 2 hours

  • Consultant expert support and advice on complex handling tasks

  • Ensures that no residents or member of your team are at risk of injury

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