Virtual or Online Services

During this unprecedented time and as its difficult to visit residents in person, we are trying to support you and deliver help in new ways.  Therefore, we are delighted to introduce Fit For Life Remote Telehealth services! We are currently delivering Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Home Exercise Programs, Group Exercise interventions to residents and Remote Online Exercise Instructor Training Courses to care team members at Nursing Homes and supported living homes nationwide. This page introduces how it works and what resources are required for remote services.

Please contact Mark or Jessie on 01-2137915 or if you wish to chat about how our remote services may work for you and benefit your residents and team!

Virtual Online Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy and Falls specialist consultations

Our virtual online consultation packages can be arranged for numerous types of interventions and support such as:


  • Post Fall Assessments

  • Transfer/Manual Handling Assessments

  • Initial Assessments - Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy

  • To instruct resident to carry out specific individually prescribed exercise programmes inclusive of pulmonary rehabilitation

  • To instruct staff members to deliver a supervised treatment (e.g. Passive exercises programmes for prevention of contractures)

  • To instruct or assist staff in pressure care in positioning and repositioning of residents in specialised wheelchairs or appropriate bed positioning

  • Fit For Life ‘Live’ Remote Group Exercise Classes

  • Exercise Instructor for the Older Adult Training Courses - delivered remotely via online interactive learning platform.

Post Fall Assessment – Physiotherapy or Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy

This assessment is to be carried out in conjunction with attendance at an MDT meeting or prior direct contact with a member of nursing team. Following a review of falls report and analysis of the fall our Physiotherapist will carry out a further assessment with the assistance of your team members. In this assessment our therapist will be able to ascertain whether there is a need for additional investigations to take place i.e x-ray. They will assess your residents’ ability to weight bear, transfer and mobilise safely and whether the resident has declined post fall in any of these areas (providing baseline measures are available).

Initial Assessments - Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy

These assessments would enable your team to get accurate baseline assessments for mobility, ability to perform ADL’s and to highlight any areas of concerns in relation to a new admission or a residents that has recently deteriorated and has not had a previous thorough AHP assessment.


Transfer/Manual Handling Assessments – MH Instructor/OT led

This assessment may be part of a post fall assessment or an initial or reassessment if your team members feel they need additional input to ensure a resident is being transferred appropriately.


To instruct resident to carry out specific individually prescribed exercise programmes inclusive of pulmonary rehabilitation  - Physiotherapy

This service is a direct one to one consultation with a residents and normally one member of staff to carry out exercises specific to the residents needs based on  previous assessment. 


To instruct staff members to deliver a supervised Physiotherapy treatment

This is a supervised treatment where our therapist gives detailed instructions to one or two staff members through a video call. An example of this type of treatment would be the delivery of passive stretches to residents to prevent contractures.


To instruct or assist staff in pressure care in positioning and repositioning of residents in specialised wheelchairs or appropriate bed positioning – Occupational Therapy

This service requires assistance of a minimum of two staff members with detailed planning pre intervention to ensure that the resident is available and in the suitable environment for a quality review to take place.


Requirements for these consults to take place include:

  • Staff members to assist

  • A tablet or smartphone available that is the property of the Nursing Home

  • Reliable internet connection


With all of these interventions approximately 40mins of every hour will consist of direct video contact with 20 mins allocated to documentation and additional follow up. Detailed logs of additional work performed can be provided.

Weekly/Bi-Weekly or Daily MDT Video Conferences

This service can be arranged at set times that suit you and your team. It can be a part of your current meetings or at a time that you feel that your team will get the most out of the interaction with our team.


The meeting can have more than one team member such as a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist and a Senior team member for additional expertise in the areas of Falls or People Manual Handling issues.


The meetings can have specific topics if required such as falls prevention clinics where we target one specific area or they can be more general based on specific complex cases that may entail input from numerous members of our team.


How does it work?

In order for your team to get the most out of this service either pre-meeting access to recent medical history, baseline measures and incident report and pre-recorded video or images if appropriate to be sent to FFL prior to the meeting while fully adhering to GDPR.


Once FFL have reviewed the information a video conference (video conference is highly recommended but voice call is an option) is arranged at a time suitable for your team. FFL may provide multiple team members to attend the video conference. The software used for the meeting can be, Skype, What’s App, Teams, Zoom, FaceTime or any other system that your team are currently using.


During the meeting, minutes will be taken and ‘action plans’ will be devised and allocated to the appropriate team members. Action plans can be directly related to additional information being provided or specific tasks to be completed by your team or a follow up one to one video consultation with a resident may be warranted.

Fit For Life ‘Live’ Group Exercise Classes

We have been delivering evidence based exercise sessions for Older Adults for the last 19 years!


We will liaise with your team to carry out a trial in order to set up your room and IT so that your residents get the most from these sessions.


The room set up and size and current physical distancing practices will determine the number of residents who could participate and benefit from each class.


Requirements include:

  1. Smart Television or Projector (Laptop with HDMI cable or tablet)

  2. Projector screen or a clear white wall to project Zoom/Skype call to if not using a smart tv.

  3. Room set up: suitable chairs with adequate space between them and set up in a manner to enable participants to view the screen.

  4. Minimum of 1 member of staff

  5. Equipment – Fit For Life can send you a starter pack of equipment which includes, Batons, Resistance Bands, Balls, Balloons!

New Remote Interactive E-learning & Online Courses!

We have been working hard over the past few months to respond to demand for our highly regarded Exercise Instructor Courses to be delivered remotely! We have developed and are running innovative online courses! The courses consist of a mixture of live sessions and self-directed online modules. We have updated the course content and are excited to enable you to complete our course from your workplace or home! See below for a sneak peek of one of the online modules!

How does it work?
The innovative new courses are a mixture of interactive e-learning modules and live zoom group sessions. We send the participant an email with their login information. On the course day, they login to zoom for the live and interactive practical sessions. And when prompted, they login to the interactive e-learning platform - so they click on and work through engaging images and content at their own pace online. We then come back together for further live interactive practical zoom sessions. 

Participants will require a laptop or tablet (not a phone) and a good, stable internet connection to complete our courses. They will also need a quiet place to work from for the duration of the course, which can be from work or home!

For information on upcoming courses click here!

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