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What to expect - Home/ Residential Visits

What happens in a Fit For Life Home Visit?


First Contact 

Once we receive an enquiry about a home visit or any of our other services one of our team will contact you back within a few hours. We will discuss with you and confirm:

  1.  What type of service you require

  2.  How quickly you would like the service to take place

  3.  What day and time you would prefer

  4.  The address that the service is to take place at (i.e your home, Nursing Home, Hospital, Convalesence etc)

  5.  Whether you will require any additional administration, such as reports, during or after the service is completed (e.g Housing Adaptation recommendations).


Cost and Availability

We will then quickly confirm (within 24hrs) when we can deliver this service and exactly what the cost* of the service will be (no hidden charges!).


Once you confirm that you are happy to proceed we will confirm time, date and therapist that will be carrying out your comprehensive initial assessment. 

Arrival of Therapist & Assessment

Your Therapist will come to you or your loved one in your place of residence to carry out a comprehensive assessment of your injury, disability, rehabilitation potential and your overall level of physical ability and complete falls risk screening if appropriate. Our therapist will be wearing full PPE for your maximum safety.

Report & Recommendations

Once your Initial assessment is complete our therapist will provide you with recommendations based on their clinical knowledge in order for you to get the most successful outcome. These recommendations may include follow on treatments/appointment, trialling or purchase of specialised equipment or a detailed individual home exercise programme for you to carry out.  

Treatment Plan

If follow up treatments are recommended and you wish to proceed then follow up treatments are scheduled along along with a reassessment date. This reassessment is scheduled in order to measure the effectiveness of your rehabilitation program.

Continuous Communication on Progress 

Our Therapist will provide weekly updates on progress to family members if required with continuous consultation in relation to best practice and probable outcomes.


Our therapist may discuss with you the possibility of providing more cost effective ‘live’ online treatments if you have the appropriate IT set up to facilitate this mode of treatment.​

* Once you provide us with an address a member of our team will give you an accurate cost for initial and follow-up services.

From more information on any of our services please call (01) 2137915 or click button below.

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