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Falls prevention training course with Fit For Life.

Falls Prevention- Best Practice  Guidelines Workshop

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Over the years in Fit For Life we have found that all the members of a nursing home team are an equally vital cog in ensuring that residents live in a happy and safe environment. This is even more evident when it comes to the area of falls and falls prevention as often it is the healthcare assistants and non-clinical staff that are be the ones to highlight the fact that a resident or an area in your home is not safe.

The comprehensive best practice guidelines workshops are designed for clinical and non-clinical team members. Your Falls Prevention and Management Policy would be referenced, along with any in-house interventions, to ensure each team member knows their role.


In the workshop all staff will get training in the prevalence of falls in long term care and what the main risks of falls are with the older adult. We have found that with real experience, the attendees gain so much more from the workshop.


We have equipment that attendees use and working with peers, they go about set tasks and then discuss their experiences in the group to help everyone take away valuable learning points. Every team member is given training in their role as defined in your Falls Prevention Policy.

In this training we aim to get the attendees discussing common risk factors they are currently working with in their day to day role and what strategies they are using. We run through common scenarios where falls can occur and suggest best practice actions to help shape future falls prevention planning.



  • To know the common risk factors that increase the risk of falls    

  • To apply best practice interventions

  • Understand the prevalence of falls in long term care

  • Identify that every member of your team have a role in Falls Prevention

  • Practical element to illustrate the age associated risks


Duration: 4 hours, Certified 4 CPD points.


Venue: The workshop can be completed in-house with current team members.



  • Increase safety awareness in home to reduce number of falls.

  • Increased awareness of all of your team of common risk factors.

  • All members of your team have the confidence and knowledge base to be an active participant in your Falls prevention system.


Please click button below to book or call (01) 213 7915 to speak to one of our senior management team. 

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