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Physiotherapy Home Visit


We can arrange a private appointment for you in your home or current place of residence.


Fit For Life also provide a comprehensive service that follows you on your road to recovery. We provide pre and post-operative care throughout your journey back to your optimum physical ability and health. 


Some of the more common reasons for patients availing of these services include:

  • Post-surgical patients e.g. knee or hip replacements

  • People who have had a fall with a significant injury

  • Clients who have suffered a stroke

  • Neurological conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease

  • People who have generally deteriorated due to a long illness or hospital stay

What Happens in a Physiotherapy Home Visit?

Arrival of Physiotherapist & Assessment

One of our chartered physiotherapists will come to you or your loved one in your own home to carry out a comprehensive assessment of your injury, disability, rehabilitation potential and your overall level of physical ability and falls risk screening if appropriate. Our therapist will be wearing full PPE for your maximum safety.

Report & Recommendations

Once your assessment is complete our therapist will provide you with a detailed report and recommendations in order for you to get the most successful outcome.

Treatment Plan

Follow-up treatments and a reassessment date are then scheduled in order to measure the effectiveness of your rehabilitation. Our therapists provide weekly updates on progress to family members if required with continuous consultation in relation to best practice and probable outcomes.


Our therapist may discuss with you the possibility of providing ‘live’ virtual treatments if you have the appropriate IT set up to facilitate this mode of treatment.


To receive a Physiotherapy Home visit the following are our current pricing structure:

Initial Physiotherapy assessment

€85 +  Plus travel expenses*

Follow up Face to Face Treatment

€75 +  Plus travel expenses *

* Once you provide us with an address a member of our team will give you an accurate cost for Initial and follow-up services.


'My mother’s name is Margaret, and she is 86 years of age.  In 2019, Margaret had major surgery and an eleven week stay in hospital due to complications.  Upon her discharge from hospital in May 2019, Margaret was no longer able to stand or walk.  At first she lived with me in my home, and a hoist was required to enable her to be transferred from her bed to a day chair.  As soon as she was strong enough she was eager to start physiotherapy.

This is where Fit for Life came into her life in June 2019, within four months of starting to work with Margaret, she was back walking, this was achieved by weekly sessions with Fit for Life, along with their instructions to carry out various exercises to be done on a daily basis by Margaret with the assistance from family/carers.

Within six months of leaving hospital, Margaret was able to return to living in her own home.  This would not have been possible without the professional services that Fit for Life provided. Margaret has continued to have weekly at home sessions with Fit for Life as she continues to see the benefits she get from her regular sessions. 

I would highly recommend Fit for Life for their professionalism, along with the care and encouragement that they have shown to Margaret.'



Request to book a Physiotherapy Home Visit 

Please fill out the information below and we will be in touch shortly to arrange your appointment. Thank you!

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