Hoist transfer practice with Fit For Life.

Manual Handling Training Courses

*This page is for individuals who wish to book one of our courses in Sandyford or other regional training locations. If you require manual handling training for your team in a healthcare setting (e.g. your Nursing Home) please click here.

Over the years our onsite experiences working in Irish nursing homes, daycare centres and in the community have allowed us to integrate current best practice manual handling techniques seamlessly from training to day-to-day care. Fit For Life is committed to keeping up to date on the latest equipment and training that Irish healthcare needs. All of our therapists receive continuous specialist training that allows us to provide support in complex handling cases, offering advice on systems to suit the needs of the task.

Our manual handling trainers are all senior staff, qualified to at least Fetac level 6 in Manual Handling Instruction. They have many years of practice in long-term care and the community supporting healthcare workers and carers to understand the main manual handling tasks their roles require. They inform and educate on best practice for safe manual handling and can provide advice on new equipment and/or systems that may suit your sites.

* Due to Covid Restrictions we are not currently delivering training to individuals at our training centres but we hope to have courses up and running again in early 2022.* 



To book a course please click below or call (01) 213 7915 to speak to one of our senior management team!

People Manual Handling Course

This training is suitable for healthcare professionals and carers who work in the home and community who have not undergone training previously. It can also be used to train experienced carers in more detail to cover relevant case profiles that may be specific to them. Course Outline: This course educates the participants' to make informed decisions in relation to the type of equipment and number of people required to reduce risk, while understanding the apprehension of residents being transferred. This full day course includes theory overview, quizzes, demonstration and practice (unsafe handling, best practice techniques, use of hoist and other handling aids), risk assessment, problem solving and case-study discussion. ​Please click here to find out more about this course and how to to book a place on our next course in Sandyford Village.

Refresher Training – People & Manual Handling

This is ideal for individuals who have previously undergone a full day of manual handling training. During this course there is more time to dedicate to practical applications in your workplace. Our goal is to identify with your team what challenges they have and how they can change their risk assessment to allow them to continue with the manual handling tasks safely. ​Please click here to find out more about the course and how book a place on our next course.

Manual Handling Training course

We tailor our training days to deliver non-people manual handling training for non-clinical team workers such as: - Kitchen, housekeeping, maintenance, administration team and office workers. - Tasks related to their roles ensuring they apply safe principles for manual handling tasks. Please click here to find out more about this course and how to book a place.

Hoist and Sling Workshop

From our experience we have found that a specialised hoist workshop can be very beneficial to help support your team with knowing their role and responsibilities in hoist operation. This workshop is very practical and all attendees experience hoist use and operation. In the standard manual handling training you are not able to give all attendees this experience due to time constraints. We go through the roles of clinical staff with hoist assessment, sling assessment and protocols of correct use. Please click here for more information and how to book a place on the next course.