Training Courses & Workshops

for Nursing Homes 

*Please note that this page is intended for Nursing Home management or staff who are looking to book training courses or workshops for groups of team members. If you wish to enquire or book Training courses on an individual basis please click here.

When you book training with Fit For Life you know that you and your team are receiving best practice information in conjunction with in-depth knowledge of the Irish Nursing Home sector. 

Using our knowledge of the day-to-day challenges and staff scheduling in your homes, we have developed a mixture of onsite in-person training, 'live' online and online training on all of the training courses topics that we cover.

We can also provide bespoke training for your Nursing Home or group of Nursing Homes that can specifically refer to your current practices such as your Falls Prevention policy.


For more information on bespoke training packages call (01) 213 7915 to speak to one of our team. 


Falls Prevention Training - 5 Courses

Fit For Life have and will continue to invest a considerable amount of our resources to prevent and reduce the amount of falls that take place in Irish Nursing Homes.

We are constantly liaising and collaborating with international experts in this area to ensure that our training gives you the most up to date and effective interventions for your homes. ​

Due to constant presence onsite in Nursing Homes we can provide bespoke training in this area that can incorporate your current practices and policies into our training or we can assist you in restructuring or refreshing current policies. ​

We have a combination of onsite in-person courses and online courses depending on your requirements or preferences. Please click on links below to find out more information on each course.

1. Falls Prevention - Best Practice Guidelines

2. Falls Policy & System Management

3. Common Falls Risk factors

4. Falls Risk Factors & Best Practice Interventions (Online)

5. Bespoke Falls Risk Factors & Interventions ('Live' Online)

Exercise Delivery to Older Adults - 7 Courses

​In 2001 Fit For Life introduced our Group Exercise programmes to nursing homes in Ireland which were based on improving residents' strength using resistance bands. ​Over the years programmes have been constantly diversifying and improving by using best practice research and the onsite practical knowledge and expertise of our therapists. ​Our evidence-based courses have been developed through our years of experience and delivery of thousands of group classes to enable attendees to upskill to deliver fun and effective exercise and physical activity classes and individual programmes. ​We have a comprehensive foundation level course (see below) in exercise delivery to older adults which cover all aspects of progressive and safe programmes. When completed, it will give you the opportuntity to further upskill with additional add-on courses. So whether you are an Activities Coordinator, Health Care Assistant, Nurse or a Qualified Therapist, we have a course tailored to you! ​​We currently have a total of 7 different courses on the safe and effective delivery of exercise and physical activity to older adults. Of these courses, four are additional courses that can only be accessed after completing our 'Foundation Level' course. 1. Exercise Instruction for Older Adults - Foundation level - 'Live' Online 2. Exercise Instructor for Older Adults - Qualified Therapists 3. Exercise Instruction for Older Adults - Foundation Level Additional 1 Day Courses 4. Physical Activity - More Movement Training ('Live' Online) 5. Exercise and Physical Activity (PA) for Alzheimer's and Related Dementia 6. Strength Training for Older Adults 7. Home Exercise Programme Delivery (HEP) to Older Adults

Manual Handling Training - 4 Courses

Over the years our onsite experiences working in Irish nursing homes, daycare centres and in the community has allowed us to integrate current best practice manual handling techniques seamlessly from training to day-to-day care. Fit For Life is committed to keeping up to date on the latest equipment and training that Irish healthcare needs. All of our therapists receive continuous specialist training that allows us to provide support in complex handling cases; offering advice on systems to suit the needs of the task. Our manual handling trainers are all senior staff, qualified to at least Fetac level 6 in Manual Handling Instruction. They have many years of practice in long term care and the community supporting healthcare workers and carers to understand the main manual handling tasks their roles require. They inform and educate on best practice for safe manual handling and can provide advice on new equipment and/or systems that may suit your sites. We provide mandatory training for individuals who have never completed training previously and refresher courses for both clincial and non-clinical team members. In addition to mandatory people manual handling training we provide specialised workshops on topics such as the use of specialised hoist and slings. This workshop ensures that your team have a greater knowledge of the equipment and practical experience of what it feels like to be moved and transferred using this equipment. We have a combination of packages of Manual Handling Training for clinical and non-clinical team members. And, we run refresher and additional more in-depth courses. 1. People Manual Handling (Clinical) 2. Manual Handling (Non Clinical) 3. Refresher Training - People & Manual Handling 4. Hoist & Sling Workshop

Transfers and Mobilising Older Adults - 3 Workshops

These workshops are designed to ensure that residents have opportunities to safely move and mobilise as often as possible during the day and reduce the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

We upskill your team on the importance of allowing residents to do as much as possible themselves in a safe and controlled manner. We demonstrate a variety of correct techniques, cueing and equipment that can be used to assist your team to safely transfer and mobilise residents in your home.

Courses specifically referencing residents with a cognitive impairment (Dementia), post stroke and neurological conditions (e.g. Parkinson's) are also covered.

These courses on safe transfers and mobilising were designed and developed by a collaboration of our multidiciplinary team to ensure that our courses have the input from all of our areas of expertise.

1. Transfers & Mobilising – Long Term Care

2. Transfers & Mobilising - Alzheimer’s & Related Dementia

3. Mobilisation & Transfers programmes – Walk & Talk

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Restraints - 1 Course

This workshop covers the role of a care provider in person-centred care and how it applies to daily practice. This is fundamental in the understanding of the HSE Restraint Free Policy and we go through their relationship in our workshop. Understanding a residents' behaviour and responding to individual needs should be at the centre of patient care. All residents should be assessed comprehensively in order to establish the trigger or cause of concerning behaviour. Staff will go through their role in assessment, decision making and what procedures they use to carry out these roles.


  • To understand person-centred care
  • To know the national and company policy, covering laws and restraints
  • To know the types of restraints in long term care and when a restraint is an enabler
  • Procedures in relation to restraints
  • Guideline resources and decision making

Duration: This will vary from 2-4 hours. Certified 2-4 CPD points.

Venue: The workshop can be completed in-house with care team members.


  • Your team will have knowledge on person-centred care and how to apply this to daily practice in your home.
  • To provide a comprehensive assessment tool for the decision making process of using a restraint.
  • To familiarise health professionals with standards set by HSE and HIQA which all nursing homes should adhere to.

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Seating, Pressure Care and Positioning - 6 Workshops

​These training workshops have been developed to educate and empower your team on the important areas of sitting posture, the correct seating arrangements for all residents and the use of specialised equipment to reduce the risk of problem pressure areas developing. They also highlight the importance of the correct utilisation of equipment to assist residents in maximising their independence. The courses are aimed at all team members and can be made bespoke to include specific areas of interest directly related to your home or group of homes. Please see the list of workshops below. 1. Sitting Posture, Seating & Positioning 2. Pressure Care & Cushions 3. Positioning and Repositioning - Wheelchair Tilt and Recline Mechanism 4. Post Stroke Transfers and Positioning 5. Chair Respositioning 6. Bed Respositioning To find out more about all of these workshops please click here.

Depression in the older adults - Exercise as an Intervention - 1 Course

Commonly underdiagnosed in the older adult population, depression can be a very debilitating disease. As with depression with the younger population, exercise is an essential part of any successful intervention. In this workshop we outline the prevalence and tell tale signs of depression and how to access appropriate support and referral pathways for assistance. We then give motivational strategies and suggestions to support and encourage an individual to incorporate exercise into their treatment plan.


  • Review incidences and signs and symptoms of depression in the older adult.
  • Review risk factors of depression in older adults.
  • Review referral, intervention and support pathways for older adults suffering from depression.
  • Motivational strategies to initiate exercise interventions.

Duration: This will vary from 2-4 hrs. Certified 2-4 CPD points.

Venue: The workshop will be completed in-house with Healthcare team members.


  • Improved knowledge and signs associated with depression in the Older Adult.
  • Improved recognition of the prevalence of depression in older adults.
  • Improved support and referral pathways to optimise client outcomes.
  • Full certificates of attendance provided to all attendees.
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Assisting an Older Adult with a Respiratory condition - 1 Course

This workshop covers the main causes of respiratory difficulties in older people and how we can make management and mobility easier. It will cover methods of assisting a resident to manage their breathlessness e.g. positioning, breathing techniques and exercise intervention encouraging compliance with treatment plans.


  • Basic review of breathlessness including common conditions

  • Symptoms, aggravating and easing factors

  • Helpful positioning while in bed

  • Positions of ease to relieve breathlessness

  • Simple and safe breathing exercises

  • General exercises appropriate to assist in improving respiratory conditions

Duration: This will vary from two to four hours depending on scope. Certified 2-4 CPD points.

Venue: In-house or Fit For Life Training Centre.


  • Improved recognition and management of breathlessness in patients.

  • Optimising an individuals' capacity to achieve maximum respiratory function through appropriate positioning.

  • Ability to assist individuals in safely performing physiotherapist prescribed breathing exercises or other home exercise programme to improve respiratory condition.

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