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Nursing Home Services

*Please note this page is for Healthcare Management or staff. 

Since 2001 Fit For Life have designed and developed our services and training by listening to our clients and ensuring that the support and expertise we provide is immediately applicable in the day-to-day delivery of care.

Fit For Life provide multidisciplinary services for nursing homes on a weekly basis. This usually consists of an integration of physiotherapy, occupational therapy and exercise therapy (individual and group exercise sessions). We can work together to develop a weekly service that best suits your specific needs.


In addition to onsite clinical input Fit For Life offer a range of Training Courses in falls prevention, manual handling, exercise instructor training for older adults, positioning, pressure care and cognitive screening.


We also provide support and expertise for senior management and proprietors in the form of pre-inspection audits e.g. falls, manual handling (including equipment) and in all stages of new build or renovations (such as environmental assessments). 

Further details of all of these services are listed below but please don’t hesitate to

call us on (01) 213 7915 to speak to one of our senior management team. 

Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy & Group Exercise in Nursing Homes

Fit For Life have an experienced and dedicated multi-disciplinary team that can provide a variety of stand alone therapies or integrated allied healthcare packages Including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Group Exercise Therapy.

All of our team have received additional training in the areas of falls prevention, manual handling and positioning and repositioning and can provide additional specialist support to you and your team.

We have found that Nursing Homes and orgainsations get the most effective service when we provide a fully integrated allied healthcare service that combines all therapies that we can provide.

To find out more about individual therapies and our Falls Risk Assessments for Nursing Homes please click the appropriate link below.

For more information on integrated packages please call (01) 213 7915 to speak to one of our senior managemnt team.

Physiotherapy - Nursing Homes

Occupational Therapy - Nursing Homes

Group Exercise Therapy - Nursing Homes

Training Courses and Workshops for Nursing Homes

Fit For Life have been working in Irish Nursing Homes since 2001. We have consistently listened to Nursing Home owners and mangement to identify and provide training that not only provides the latest best practice information but also that it can be practically and easily introduced into day-to-day practice. We have a broad range of training available including: Manual handling, Falls Prevention, Exercise Delivery, Pressure Care, Positioning and Cognitive Screening. To find out more about our full list of courses and workshops please click here. To find out more about bespoke training packages for your nursing home or care centre, or group of homes, please call (01) 213 7915 to speak to one of our senior managment team.

Audits, Risk Assessments and Nursing Home Management Support

As a consequence of the multidisciplinary background of our senior management team we can provide additional support and expertise while preparing for reregistration, reviewing current policies and providing objective analysis of current work practices in your Nursing Home. We can also assist in assessing the suitability of a new build or renovation or provide recommendations on the purchase of specialised equipment. To find out more about the full extent of the expertise and support that we can provide pelase click here. To speak to one of our senior managment team about your specific needs please call (01) 213 7915.

Online Services and Training for Nursing Homes

Fit For Life deliver a full range of our therapies including assessments and interventions through 'live' online links. We provide IT support and expertise in setting up the services to ensure that your residents receive the highest quality services. We also have a number of innovative online interactive courses that can be accessed at a time and place of your convenience which will provide you with the latest best evidence research. To find out more about our our online services for Nursing Homes please click here. For more information about our full range of online and in-person services and training why not call one of our senior management team on (01) 213 7915.