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Pre and Post Operation Rehabilitation


In order to ensure that you or a loved one achieve the best possible outcome after surgery it has been recognised that counteracting the effects that any length of stay in hospital as quickly and safely as possible with targeted rehabilitation programmes leads to the best outcomes.


Post surgery, this entails closely following your surgeon's advice and engaging as soon as possible with a Physiotherapist and/or Occupational Therapist if required. There is also now growing support for individuals to engage in pre-operative muscle strengthening and conditioning programmes (prehabilitation) for 2-6 weeks prior to surgery to counteract the loss of muscle size, strength and function that occurs after surgery and bed rest in hospital. 


The good news is that Fit For Life can provide all the support and expertise you or a loved one needs to maximise your recovery back to your optimum health and physical fitness.


Some of the more common surgeries that Fit For Life can provide full pre-and post operative services are listed below. 



Where does this service take place?

We can deliver this service at a location of your choice whether that is in your own home, a respite facility, Nursing home or at our Clinic in Sandyford, Dublin 18 or one of our regional centres. 


Confirm Appointment & Cost

Once you have made an enquiry to book a home/residential visit you will be contacted by a member of our team to confirm your preferred time and day of your appointment and the exact cost of the service and the therapist who will be carrying out the assessment.

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