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Fit For Life deliver online and face-to-face evidence-based training courses to promote best practice techniques and maximum independence for the Older Adults we work with. We run our in-person training courses for your team at your Nursing Home or Care Centre and at our training centre in Sandyford Village. Our highly regarded training courses include topics such as: Manual and People Handling, Falls Prevention, Exercise Instructor for the Older Adult and other Specialised courses.


And we also deliver online remote interactive e-learning courses!​ Our evidence-based Exercise Instructor for the Older Adult and Falls Prevention Courses have been developed through our years of experience. The Exercise Instructor course enables attendees to upskill to deliver fun and effective group exercise classes. Whether you are a practicing Therapist, Nurse, Activities Coordinator, Health Care Assistant, management, houskeeping, kitchen or other services team member, we have a course tailored to you! Please see below for course content and information on upcoming courses.

To find out more about our training course please see below or call (01) 213 7915 to speak to us.

Falls Prevention Training - 2 Courses

Fit For Life have and will continue to invest a considerable amount of resources to prevent and reduce the number and severity of falls that take place in healthcare facilities and in the community.

We are constantly liaising and collaborating with international experts in this area to ensure that our training gives you the most up to date and effective interventions for all environments. ​

There are two online Falls Prevention courses. Our 'Online' Falls Risk Factors & Best Practice Interventions course (no 1 below) is an interactive animated module that you can complete at your own pace. This course will cover the main risk factors that you need to be aware of and will give you information on how to reduce the risk of falls in your day to day practice.

Our 'Live' online course (No 2 below) incorporates the knowledge you gain from our interactive online module into scenarios and case studies that will be overseen and delivered 'Live' by one of our Falls Prevention specialists.

So whether you are a healthcare professional/therapist looking to upskill in this very important area of older adult care, or a carer or family member these courses will give you the most up to date clinical information with practical tips to put this into practice to help reduce and prevent falls.

Please click on links below to book or find out more information on each course.

1. Falls Risk Factors & Best Practice Interventions (Online)

2. Falls Risk Factors & Best Practice Interventions ('Live' Online)

For more information on all of our Falls Prevention courses please click here

Exercise Delivery to Older Adults - 7 Courses

​Our evidence-based Exercise Instructor Courses have been developed through years of experience to enable attendees to upskill to deliver fun and effective group exercise classes and individual clinical exercise programmes. ​We have a comprehensive Foundation Level course (see course no. 1 below) in exercise delivery to older adults which covers all aspects of progressive and safe programmes. All attendees who complete this course then have the knowledge base to further upskill with add on courses. 1. Exercise Instruction for Older Adults - Foundation level - 'Live' Online 2. Exercise Instructor for Older Adults - Qualified Therapists* 3. Exercise Instruction for Older Adults - Foundation Level* Add on Courses 4. Physical Activity - More Movement Training ('Live' Online) 5. Exercise and Physical Activity (PA) for Alzheimer's and Related Dementia 6. Strength Training for Older Adults 7. Home Exercise Programme Delivery (HEP) to Older Adults To find out more about all of our Exercise and Physical Activity training courses please click here!

Manual Handling Training - 4 Courses

Over the years our onsite experiences working in Irish nursing homes, daycare centres and in the community has allowed us to integrate current best practice manual handling techniques seamlessly from training to day-to-day care. Fit For Life is committed to keeping up to date on the latest equipment and training that Irish healthcare needs. All of our therapists receive continuous specialist training that allows us to provide support in complex handling cases; offering advice on systems to suit the needs of the task.
Our manual handling trainers are all senior staff, qualified to at least Fetac level 6 in Manual Handling Instruction. They have many years of practice in long term care and the community supporting healthcare workers and carers to understand the main manual handling tasks their roles require. They inform and educate on best practice for safe manual handling and can provide advice on new equipment and/or systems that may suit your sites. 1. People Manual Handling (Clinical) 2. Manual Handling (Non Clinical) 3. Refresher Training - People & Manual Handling 4. Hoist & Sling Workshop To find out more about all of our Manual Handling Courses please click here.

Healthcare Group or Facility Training

Fit For Life provide bespoke training for healthcare facilities such as HSE community hospitals, private hospitals, indivudual Nursing Homes or Nursing Home Groups. Please click here to find out more about the range of training we provide or alternatively please call (01) 213 7915 to speak to one of our senior management team.

Online Training Courses

​We have a number of innovative online interactive courses that can be accessed at a time and place at your convenience which will provide you with the latest best evidence research. In addition we offer 'Live' Online courses where you will have access to our team members who have specialised in the content delivered. To find out more about our our online courses please click here.