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Online or virtual telehealth has been around for a number of years now but the current pandemic has rapidly accelerated the use of this form of telehealth. Fit For Life started to carry out our own research on the feasibility of delivering remote services to Older Adults back in 2017 and this experience has allowed us to seamlessly provide a range of online services that work.


One of the reasons our online services work is that we provide support and expertise to assist you in being able to get the most from our service and to give you the choices of availing of online services only or a mixture of face-to-face and online services. Our services can be tailored to you if you are living in your own home, or in a Nursing Home or other assisted living facility or care home (e.g. supported living for religious orders or for people with intellectual disability). 


We do this by not only providing you with the healthcare support but also the support to help you set up the service in your home depending on what technology that you can access easily and that you are comfortable using!

What online services do we provide?

- Private online individual Physiotherapy

- Private online Individual Physical Activity programme

- Online 'Live' Stand Strong Group Exercise Sessions for older adults in the community

- Online Training Courses

- Online Nursing Home Services including physiotherapy, occupational therapy and 'live' group exercise sessions, MDT video conferences and online staff training courses.

Where can we provide online services to?

- Individually to you in your own home

- Individually to you if you are staying short or long-term in a Nursing Home or other assisted living or care facility 

- To a Nursing Home or other assisted living centre or care home (e.g. for Religious orders; for people with Intellectual disability) or Daycare centre.

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