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Who we are

Company History

Fit For Life was founded in 2001 by Managing Director Mark Sweeney to provide innovative healthcare services and training that empowers all older adults to reach and maintain their optimum physical ability, independence and quality of life. Supported by Director Jessie Morris, Fit For Life has grown from humble beginnings delivering specialised group exercise sessions for nursing home residents in Dublin, to today’s range of services and expertise that are offered nationwide.


As well as delivering group exercise sessions to thousands of people in nursing homes, daycare centres, community and active retirement groups, Fit For Life also provides Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Exercise and Rehabilitation to older adults both in long-term care and in their own homes in the community. These services, in combination with our specialist training for carers, nursing staff and other allied healthcare professionals, ensure Fit For Life is the market leader in providing Older Adult Care in Ireland. Remember, Fit For Life is Ireland’s ONLY specialist Older Adult Care healthcare company!

Mission Statement

To provide innovative healthcare services and training that empowers older adults to lead the fullest lives possible and enables caregivers and healthcare professionals to make a real difference to the day-to-day lives of older adults.

Company Standards

At Fit For Life we pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards. Our services and training programmes have been designed and developed through best practice and self-led research that can be practically implemented into your day-to-day services.


Our team of healthcare professionals and trainers are trained to the highest standards and are passionate about working with older adults.


We are committed to constantly improving our services through the research and development of new and innovative ways to deliver our services. We search for and employ people who are passionate and driven and offer them the opportunity to upskill and develop while at all times giving each and every member of our team the opportunity to improve the service we deliver.


When you book a Fit For Life service or training programme, you can be assured that you will receive best practice therapies and information that you can immediately put to practical use.

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