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Hoist transfer practice with Fit For Life.

Manual Handling Training Courses for Nursing Homes


*Please note that this page is intended for Nursing Home management or staff who are looking to book training courses or workshops for groups of team members. If you wish to enquire or book Manual Handling Training courses on an individual basis please click here.

Over the years our onsite experiences working in Irish nursing homes, daycare centres and in the community has allowed us to integrate current best practice manual handling techniques seamlessly from training to day-to-day care. Fit For Life is committed to keeping up-to-date on the latest equipment and training that Irish healthcare needs. All of our therapists receive continuous specialist training that allows us to provide support in complex handling cases; offering advice on systems to suit the needs of the task.

Our manual handling trainers are all senior staff, qualified to at least Fetac level 6 in Manual Handling Instruction. They have many years of practice in long-term care and the community supporting healthcare workers and carers to understand the main manual handling tasks their roles require. They inform and educate on best practice for safe manual handling and can provide advice on new equipment and/or systems that may suit your sites. We provide mandatory training for individuals who have never completed training previously and refresher courses for both clinical and non-clinical team members. 


In addition to mandatory people manual handling training we provide specialised workshops such as the use of specialised hoist and slings. This ensures that your team have a greater knowledge of the equipment and practical experience of what it feels like to be moved and transferred using this equipment. 

For more information on bespoke training packages please contact one of our senior team on (01) 213 7915!











Covid-19 update for Manual Handling Training Courses - 2021

Due to current Covid-19 Guidelines we now deliver a theory module online which covers the background in manual and patient handling while also incorporating additional relevant information on hoists, slings, sliding sheets and other patient handling equipment that would not normally be included in the theory section.

For more information on training packages please contact one of our team senior team on (01) 213 7915!


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