Fit For Life patient handling training course.

Assisting with Respiratory Conditions Course For Nursing Homes



Assisting an older person with respiratory conditions


This workshop covers the main causes of respiratory difficulties with older people, and how we can make their management and mobility easier. It will cover methods of assisting a resident to manage their breathlessness e.g. positioning, breathing techniques and exercise intervention encouraging compliance with treatment plans.



  • Basic review of breathlessness including common conditions

  • Symptoms, aggravating and easing factors.

  • Helpful positioning while in bed

  • Positions of ease to relieve breathlessness

  • Simple and safe breathing exercises

  • General exercises appropriate to assist in improving respiratory conditions


Duration: This will vary from two to four hours depending on scope. Certified 2-4 CPD points

Venue: In-house or Fit For Life Training Centre.



  • Improved recognition and management of breathlessness in patients.

  • Optimising an individual’s capacity to achieve maximum respiratory function through appropriate positioning

  • Ability to assist individuals in safely performing physiotherapist prescribed breathing exercises or other home exercise programme to improve respiratory condition.

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