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Falls prevention training course with Fit For Life.

Falls Prevention - Bespoke Falls Risk Factors & Interventions ('Live' Online)


This training is a comprehensive and convenient module that is completed 'Live' online with one of our Falls Prevention Specialists, you and your team that incorporates bespoke information about your Nursing Home or Nursing Home group.


We cover all current falls facts and prevalence data, the most important falls risk factors and best practice interventions that your team can immediately implement into day-to-day practice in your home. Relevant data collected from your home or homes can be included in the training which can greatly assist the practical implementation of learnings from the day. 

Review questions are included throughout the module and content navigation tools aim to keep the learner engaged in the learning process along with downloadable PDFs with more in-depth information in areas such as falls risk increasing drugs (FRIDs). 


Six risk factors will be described in detail, with interactive examples of what effects these risk factors have on individuals that lead to an increase in falls risk. From this you will be taught what interventions are best used to manage these.

We can tailor the training to integrate your falls policies and systems to ensure that your team can immediately put what they have learned into practice to start preventing and reducing falls in your home or homes. ​


  • Demographics and prevalence of falls 

  • Definitions, categorisations, causes and consequences of falls

  • In depth identification and analysis of the main independent falls risk factors for older adults

  • How to quickly implement current best practice interventions in your home

  • Importance of education in falls reduction


Duration: 4 hours,  Certified 4 CPD points


Venue: Online 'Live' at a time most suitable to your schedule



  • Up to date knowledge on all aspects of falls 

  • Improved reporting of falls and falls risk factors

  • Greater understanding of how risk factors affect older adults at risk of falling

  • Enhanced ability to identify falls risk factors

  • More confidence in identifying the cause of falls 

  • Improved knowledge on best practice interventions to reduce the risk of falls


To find out more please call (01) 213 7915 to speak to a member of our senior management team! 

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