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Assisted Living Private Visits


In addition to visiting older adults in their own private homes in the community our team also visits older adults in long term care facilities such as nursing homes, community hospitals, daycare centres and assisted living communities such as those run by religious orders.

These referrals normally arise from an older adult or resident requiring additional physiotherapy due to a recent fall, deterioration in mobility or following a recent visit to hospital and requiring respite care.


In the case of a respite referral the great thing is that we can not only assist you in recovery from your operation or illness but we can assess and treat you once you get back to your own home (home visit info) to ensure that you make the best recovery possible!

How to Book 

You or your loved one can phone us on 01-2137915 or email us on or request we phone you. We will can contact the facility that you are staying at or ask the facility manager or person in charge to contact us directly and arrange an appointment time that suits you! Or the facility can request the appointment on your behalf and fill out a Fit For Life private referral form and we will arrange an appointment on a convenient day and time.

Arrival of Physiotherapist & Assessment

One of our physiotherapists will come to you or your loved one in the facility to carry out a comprehensive assessment of your injury, disability, rehabilitation potential and your overall level of physical ability and falls risk screening if appropriate. Our therapist will be wearing full PPE for your maximum safety.

Report & Recommendations

Once your assessment is complete our therapist will provide you with a detailed report and recommendations in order for you to get the most successful outcome.

Treatment Plan

Follow up treatments and a reassessment date are then scheduled in order to measure the effectiveness of your rehabilitation. Our therapists provide weekly updates on progress to family members if required with continuous consultation in relation to best practice and probable outcomes.

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