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Active Life Classes for Groups & Organisations 

*Due to Covid restrictions these classes are currently on hold.

This service is for groups such as Active Retirement groups, Older Adult daycare services, religious orders or any other groups of older adults who have a location that can accommodate a group physical activity class. 


Active Life classes are fun and enjoyable and are perfect for people who wish to gradually introduce more physical movement safely into their lives. In our ‘Active Life’ classes we have combined a number of different physical activities and gentle exercises to get you on the road to becoming more active. 

Due to the vast experience that we have built up over the years our highly trained team can accommodate all levels into a group scenario safely and seamlessly.


By attending our classes we can help you to gradually build up your overall ability to get out and about!  


How does it work? 

  • A member of our team will contact you to ascertain the approximate number of participants and the suitability of the venue to conduct classes. 

  • We will send you an exact outline of the service including costs.

  • Decide on a suitable day and time!

Please click the button below to book or call (01) 213 7915 to speak to one of our team. 

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