Fit For Life patient handling training course.


Stroke Positioning and handling  Workshop 




This workshop is aimed at those working in long term care facilities or someone who is caring for an individual in their own home. We cover the basic effects that can occur post stroke and give general practical examples of optimum positioning of an individual in bed or sitting to best promote their independence. The workshop content can be tailored depending on the experience or expertise of the attendees and/or the level of dependency commonly dealt with.



  • Basic review of common post-stroke dysfunctions and potential effects of same.

  • Review stroke positioning and handling techniques to promote optimum posture.


Duration: This will vary from 2-4 hours. Certified 2-4 CPD points

Venue: The workshop can be completed in-house with care team members.



  • Promote optimum posture to enable maximum patient independence for ADL’s and promote safety for all.

  • Improved positioning for stroke patients preventing secondary complications/injuries.



To find out more about this workshop please call (01) 213 7915 to speak to one of our team