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Fit For Life patient handling training course.

Bed Repositioning Workshop 



Healthcare workers manage bed care and there are lots of different techniques and methods that suit individuals. We work with the attendees, getting a review of what techniques they are currently using and finding successful. We also show the group new techniques to help educate your team on different methods. The main learning point is that we do not use any lifting techniques due to high risk of injury to the client and to the healthcare worker.


Duration: 2 hours, Certified 2 CPD points.

Venue: The workshop can be completed in-house with current team members (max 10).



  • This is a comprehensive review of bed handling scenarios that healthcare workers manage.

  • The risks of poor handling and repositioning are covered, including pressure care.

  • Different equipment is shown to educate your team on what is currently available.



  • Your team are given a refresher on best practice bed repositioning techniques.

  • Your team will have more knowledge on methods, supporting them in decision making with different handling tasks.

To find out more about this workshop please click below or call (01) 213 7915 to speak to us!

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