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Fit For Life patient handling training course.

Nursing Home Environmental Occupational Therapy Assessments

Our Occupational Therapy department has been working with purpose built homes and building adaptation projects, to help in creating the best working environment. This has involved Fit For Life visiting sites, reviewing room design for fittings and furniture and equipment requirements.



  • Seating review, including product ordering and pricing.

  • Bedroom layout and design.

  • Bathroom fittings and design.

  • Dayroom layout and chair specifications.

  • Dining room layout and furniture specifications.

  • Additional equipment that allow staff to assist residents to lead independent lives when possible.


Duration: Determined by size of site.



  • Ensure that buildings will be in line with best practice regulations.

  • Reduce the risk of falling from environmental factors.

  • Efficient use of the building to promote independence for your residents.

  • Reduce the rate of staff injury due to correct ergonomics in place for healthcare and non healthcare staff.

  • Safeguarding against any additional refit costs due to incorrectly placed furniture and fittings.

  • Recommendations for specialised equipment suitable for and that would enhance your home.


Please click below or call us on (01) 213 7915 to speak to one of our senior management team about your specific requirements. 

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