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Falls prevention training course with Fit For Life.

Falls Prevention - Falls Policy & System Management

*Please note that this page is for group bookings only. For individual bookings please click here!


This workshop covers your own working Falls Prevention Policy and with our up to date knowledge on falls prevention in long term care. We work together to review, make recommendations and develop a bespoke falls system for you and your team.


What is key is that your team know their role in falls prevention. Fit For Life have lots of experience in supporting teams and we have been fortunate to gain experience in leading research areas.

The type of screening tool you use is the starting point to risk assessment. We know that multifactorial risk assessment is fundamental to a successful Falls Prevention Policy. The research available now provides us with lots of best practice interventions to Falls Prevention programming.


The information collected post fall is vital to help you identify a cause or risk (modifiable or not) of the event. What we want to do is help you to see if your existing systems need to be updated, keeping you up to date with what the research is showing us is best practice.

The final stage of an effective Falls Prevention System is correct analysis of the data and the allocation and implementation of appropriate action goals for the appropriate members of your team. This stage is best carried out in MDT meetings and it is imperative that goals are set to achieve the most effective and realistic Falls Prevention System possible.



  • Examine your Falls Policy to assess its scope, purpose and content.

  • Review current screening methods and application of best practice evidence.

  • Review current reporting systems (database), auditing and staff knowledge systems.

  • Analyse each fall and set appropriate actions.

  • Allocate these actions to the appropriate team member, with a realistic timeframe for completion.


Duration: 8 hours, or 2 x 4hours, Certified 8 CPD points.


Venue: The workshop can be completed in-house with current team members.



  • Increased safety awareness in home to reduce the number of falls.

  • Improved reporting of falls and falls risk factors.

  • Improved referral of residents for falls prevention interventions.

  • Clarity for your team about their exact roles and responsibilities in your Falls prevention system.

  • In-depth know-how: Fit For Life have been working alongside nurses and care assistants in residential care settings since 2001. We understand the challenges they face on a daily basis which allows us to focus on the issues that are most important to them.


Please click button below to book or call (01) 213 7915 to speak to a senior member of our management team!

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