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Hoist and Sling Workshops for Nursing Homes 


From our experience we have found that a specialised hoist workshop can be very beneficial to help support your team with knowing their role and responsibilities in hoist operation. This workshop is very practical and all attendees experience hoist use and operation. In the standard manual handling training you are not able to give all attendees this experience due to time constraints. We go through the roles of staff with hoist assessment, sling assessment and protocols of use, specific to your home. 

Duration: 2 hours, Certified 2 CPD points

Venue: The workshop can be completed in-house, and with current team members (max 10).


  • This is a comprehensive review of hoists, including the operator’s risks and responsibilities when using equipment.

  • All attendees get to experience use and operation of equipment, providing a valuable practical based workshop that will help support care pathways.

  • Your team get a chance to practice the correct technique to positioning loads when using hoists.

  • Environmental risks are discussed.



  • Your team get the chance to experience what it’s like to be in a hoist, understand the associated fears of use.

  • Knowledge on surface type factors to consider when using hoists.

  • Importance of planning the task before they start.

  • Your team get to review your equipment and sling selection thoroughly.

  • We provide advice on equipment that may be of benefit to certain resident profiles

To find out more about our training packages please call (01) 213 7915

to speak to one of our senior management team! 

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