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Testimonials from our clients

My mother’s name is Margaret, and she is 86 years of age. In 2019, Margaret had major surgery and an eleven week stay in hospital due to complications. Upon her discharge from hospital in May 2019, Margaret was no longer able to stand or walk. At first she lived with me in my home, and a hoist was required to enable her to be transferred from her bed to a day chair. As soon as she was strong enough she was eager to start physiotherapy.

This is where Fit for Life came into her life in June 2019, within four months of starting to work with Margaret, she was back walking, this was achieved by weekly sessions with Fit for Life, along with their instructions to carry out various exercises to be done on a daily basis by Margaret with the assistance from family/carers.

Within six months of leaving hospital, Margaret was able to return to living in her own home. This would not have been possible without the professional services that Fit for Life provided. Margaret has continued to have weekly at home sessions with Fit for Life as she continues to see the benefits she get from her regular sessions. I would highly recommend Fit for Life for their professionalism, along with the care and encouragement that they have shown to Margaret.

Family of Margaret, a very hard working home visit client!

‘We have found Fit For Life a great service which we have used for many years. Our residents benefit from both weekly class and individual physiotherapy service which they provide. We at Kinvara House would be very happy to recommend Fit For Life’.

Kinvara House Nursing Home, Bray

'Fit for Life makes a tremendous contribution to the physiological and occupation health of our residents. The program provides a comprehensive repertoire of interventions meeting the physical needs of residents with ongoing assessments, exercises programs, individual and group mobilisation activities. All of which is provided by a professional team who continually engage residents with clear goals & motivational programs that build on the strengths and abilities of residents which enhances their well being each day'.

Bridie McGroary Fletcher

Director of Nursing

Nazareth House, Dublin

Exercise Instructor for the Older Adult Courses participants' feedback

'This course is brilliant, very useful for all activity coordinators or healthcare professionals about how important exercise is for residents and how to engage them in fun exercises’.

'The course is practical and thorough yet communicated in such a way that simplifies the objectives of each exercise. I would highly recommend this course to other health care workers'.

'I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I also prefer zoom as you do not have to travel out of your comfort zone. I feel very confident that what I have learned today is transferable and I am confident to use it in my day to day work'.

'Found the course very good – informative, easy to navigate from Zoom to e-learning and relaxed environment for everyone. Would highly recommend to others to complete'.

'Tricia was very clear with her instructions and built up my confidence to try teaching a class'.

Completing the course has given me the tools I need to confidently put together exercise sessions which are appropriate to the needs of the residents in our care'.

The course was delivered in such a way that it gave me a greater understanding of the specific requirements our residents have. From utilisiing the skills, I learned I can expand on the variety of exercise options to the residents'.

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Stand Strong group exercise sessions participants' feedback

'Great start to the day, I feel great satisfaction and empowered by it'. 'I have never really had a fear of falling but I would consider my balance to be an area I need to work on. Since joining the Stand strong I have maintained my balance and become more confident with this'. Bridie

'Sit to stands; I can now complete more of these and I am happy with that'. 'I like the structure and its something positive I do for my health. It has added structure to my week since lockdown as I have been cocooning'. Kay

'Helps to keep me supple, I'm not stiff anymore. I have to watch my balance and the balance exercises are useful'. 'The balance exercises are extremely beneficial to me and I always aim to impress Bridget my instructor in the classes as I feel it is improving all the time'. Brian

'Fitter than I was, not as tired as I used to be. I was very happy when the classes started back on zoom as I quickly got back to this fitness'. 'Never had a fear of falling, very few falls, the last was 15 years ago. Other than that, as my husband has fallen more regularly it's something I'm cautious of. I know the tandem stepping and figure of 8 stepping exercises we do in class have helped me to keep my balance where it is today'. Deirdre

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