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Fit For Life patient handling training course.

Positioning & Repositioning- Wheelchair Tilt & Recline Mechanism Workshop


For those individuals who require specialised chairs the importance of positioning and repositioning through the correct use of the tilt and recline mechanisms cannot be overemphasised. We have found that due to the variety of specialised chairs and the sometimes conflicting or lack of appropriate instructions, these chairs are often incorrectly used and the opportunity for the individual to avail of the many benefits are lost. This workshop can be delivered to give a good general knowledge base on the benefits that can be gained by using these chairs correctly and clear instructions on how to operate correctly.



  • Identify traditional and specialised wheelchairs

  • Analyse the effects of traditional wheelchairs on posture and seating

  • Outline the benefits of specialised wheelchairs

  • Define tilt in space and recline mechanisms

  • How to use these features to achieve effective posture and seating


Duration: This will vary from two to four hours. Certified 2-4 CPD points

Venue: The workshop will be completed in-house with current team members.



  • Increased awareness of the importance of correct use of specialised wheelchairs

  • Patients receiving the maximum benefits of specialised wheelchairs

  • Reduced pressure areas, contractures, spasticity and oedema of patients

For more information on bespoke training packages please contact us on (01)2137915 or click below!

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