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Refresher Manual Handling Training for Nursing Homes 

This is ideal for staff members who have previously undergone a full day of manual handling training. During this course, more time will be dedicated to practical applications in your workplace. Our goal is to identify with your team what challenges they have and how they can change their risk assessment to allow them to continue with the manual handling tasks safely.

Course Outline:

  • Review and update staff on the correct manual handling techniques they should be using.

  • Practice transferring and repositioning residents from different situations using the full range of the equipment available in your home.


Duration: 4 hours, Certified 4 CPD points.

*We can combine non-clinical and clinical team members to provide the most cost effective package. The non-clinical team members take 2 hours.



  • Ensuring that your team are applying best practice manual handling techniques in all aspects of their work.

  • Reducing the risk of work related injuries.

  • Educating your team to know their role in risk assessment and applying in their everyday tasks.


To find out more information about our training packages please call (01) 213 7915  to speak to one of our senior management team or click the button below!

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