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Fit For Life patient handling training course.

Restraint Training Course For Nursing Homes


This workshop covers the role of a care provider in person-centred care and how it applies to daily practice which is fundamental in the understanding of the HSE Restraint Free Policy. Understanding a resident’s behaviour and responding to individual needs should be at the centre of patient care. All residents should be assessed comprehensively in order to establish the trigger or cause of concerning behaviour. Staff will go through their role in assessment, decision making and what procedures they use to carry out these roles.


  • To understand person-centred care.

  • To know the national and company policy, covering laws and restraints.

  • To know the types of restraints in long-term care and when a restraint is an enabler.

  • Procedures in relation to restraints.

  • Guideline resources and decision making.


Duration: This will vary from 2-4 hours. Certified 2-4 CPD points.

Venue: The workshop can be completed in-house with care team members.



  • Your team will have knowledge on person-centred care and how to apply this to daily practice in your home.

  • To provide a comprehensive assessment tool for the decision process of using a restraint.

  • To familiarise health professionals with standards set by HSE and HIQA which all nursing homes should adhere to.

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