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Stand Strong Exercise Classes in Sandyford Village 

In our ‘Stand Strong’ exercise classes we have combined a variety of different exercises and physical activities including Tai Chi to improve strength, balance, endurance and flexibility which are essential components in keeping fit and healthy and independent. 


We ensure that you are gaining real benefit from attending the classes by ensuring that the classes are structured progressive and challenging in nature while always being safe and fun! 

By attending our classes we can help you to build up your overall physical fitness to allow you to do the things that you really want to do!  These classes are suitable for Older Adults who have been reasonably active or have experience of some form of exercise previously.


​Our team are also more than happy to answer any of your questions on a one-to-one basis or refer you to another member of our healthcare team. You can also avail of a more individualised bespoke service Stand Strong Plus to get even more benefits! 

Feedback from participants in our live stand strong exercise classes:

'Great start to the day, I feel great satisfaction and empowered by it'. 'I have never really had a fear of falling but I would consider my balance to be an area I need to work on. Since joining the Stand strong I have maintained my balance and become more confident with this'. Bridie

'Sit to stands; I can now complete more of these and I am happy with that'. 'I like the structure and its something positive I do for my health. It has added structure to my week since lockdown as I have been cocooning'. Kay

'Helps to keep me supple, I'm not stiff anymore. I have to watch my balance and the balance exercises are useful'. 'The balance exercises are extremely beneficial to me and I always aim to impress Bridget my instructor in the classes as I feel it is improving all the time'. Brian

'Fitter than I was, not as tired as I used to be. I was very happy when the classes started back on zoom as I quickly got back to this fitness'. 'Never had a fear of falling, very few falls, the last was 15 years ago. Other than that, as my husband has fallen more regularly it's something I'm cautious of. I know the tandem stepping and figure of 8 stepping exercises we do in class have helped me to keep my balance where it is today'. Deirdre

To book a stand strong class in Sandyford please phone 01-2137915 or click on the button below!

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