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Fit For Life patient handling training course.

Transfers and Mobilising Training Courses For Nursing Homes 

These workshops are designed to ensure that residents are have opportunities to safely move and mobilise as often as possible during the day and reduce the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. 

We explain to your team the importance of allowing residents to do as much as possible themselves in a safe and controlled manner. We demonstrate a variety of correct techniques, cueing and equipment that can be used to assist your team to safely transfer and mobilise residents in your home. 


Courses specifically referencing residents with a cognitive impairment (Dementia), post stroke and neurological conditions (Parkinson's) are also covered. 

These courses on safe transfers and mobilising were designed and developed by a collaboration of our multi-disciplinary team to ensure that our courses have the input from all of our areas of expertise. Please click below to explore the training options:

To book a course or discuss your training needs with us, please click below or call us on 01-2137915!

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